Here is a list of local Pet Rescue organizations. So many people call us and ask us where they can adopt a pet. Because of this, we have created a list of local Pet Rescue organizations to help everyone.

Most of these organizations have a “no-kill” policy, and they try to rescue as many as possible before the “11th” hour! Please be as supportive as you possibly can to any of these wonderful rescues. All the people who are connected with these worthy causes, do so because they care. They care so much, that sometimes, they even take some of the animals home with them. That’s how much they care!

So a big “THANK YOU” to them for what they do, and an even bigger “THANK YOU” to you, for supporting them. Should you wish to make a donation, no matter how small or large, they are always welcome at each of these organizations. Just click on their websites and do the “deed” !!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

They also accept clean bowls, bedding, towels, canned foods, dried foods, collars, leashes etc.,

Please give what you can, when you can.

(Please click on red link below. All website links are clickable in PDF)



Ventura Pet Barn hold regular adoptions through these rescue groups below:

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