About Us

The fun and friendly monthly pet publication that everyone loves to read.

We at Petz truly believe that Pet Lovers are special people. It doesn’t matter what sort of pet you have or have had in the past. It means that you have a big heart and that you care about pets and people.

Our Editor In Chief 

We are a monthly publication for pet lovers in your local community

Offering fun and interesting facts, lots of trivia, pet horoscopes, quizzes,
pet friendly outdoor restaurant lists, and local pet rescue lists.
(So you can help save a few lives – please!)
Our niche is to try and keep each publication as local as possible to your area, so you’ll know that most advertisers are within your community.

You can find Petz in many local places, such as Coffee houses, Café’s, Restaurants, Deli’s, Doctor’s offices, Dental Practices, Hotels, Motels, Pet Groomers, Pet Boutiques, Pet stores, Veterinarian offices, Medical & Dental offices, Hair & Nail salons, Spa’s, Auto repairs shops, Jiffy Lubes and many more places. The list is endless! (check out our Distribution). And every month is printed on a different colored paper to distinguish each new issue.

People notice our publication because it is pet related, and after all, most of us are pet lovers.
In fact, 1 out of 3 households has a pet.
We hope you enjoy reading the Petz, both in print and on-line and in social media,
such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Please feel free to let us know how we’re doing, when you have a minute, that is!

So here’s hoping you’ll “like” us!