Social distancing efforts create special challenges for dog owners striving to ensure their pets enjoy new experiences and are comfortable with social interactions. Family pets grow accustomed to their unique environments, and social distancing can mean fewer opportunities to expose dogs to different places, people, and activities. During this time, families are still training pets in their household, including dogs that are newly adopted or in new foster homes. Whether a dog is young or
Dog walkers should avoid sidewalks, asphalt and fake grass on hot days With the Summer Heat still in full swing we have to continue to remind you to please be careful walking your pets. We are still hearing about dogs getting their pads burned or overheating on both city walks and also on dirt trails. Mid-day is the worst time yet we are still seeing folks walk their dogs (and/or dog walkers) at this time
Post-quarantine Separation Anxiety The association is encouraging pet owners to begin the search now for professional pet sitters to watch their pets, whether their plans include returning to the office, taking a vacation, or enjoying a daytrip. PSI, the world’s leading educational association for professional pet sitters, advises pet owners to begin the search now for professional pet sitters to care for their pets. With an influx of pet lovers posting services online and on
  People around the world are on high alert with the rapid spread of Coronavirus, or COVID-19 – and in light of what’s going on and the thousands of articles circulating the internet, it’s important for us all to remain calm and be educated on the realities of this pandemic, especially when it comes to our animals. CAN MY PET CONTRACT COVID-19? According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, “There is no evidence that pets
Superstitious or not, almost everyone takes note when it’s Friday the 13th. People are more careful about crossing the road, pouring hot coffee, or walking down the stairs. It may be silly, but it’s all to ward off bad luck, and the Irish are big believers in this kind of caution. On Friday the 13th some people even take to their beds or refuse to leave the house. Believe it or not, but this behavior

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