February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Have you noticed that your pet’s breath, well.. smells really bad?  Have you noticed that your pets eating habits seem painful or is eating and chewing slowly?  Have you noticed blood on your pets toys or chews?  Has your pet lost teeth?  These could be a symptom of dental problems or other   serious health issues.   Did you know that more than 85 percent of cats and dogs over four years of age are […]

Keeping your pet happy & healthy this year!

We’re working harder & smarter, so you can take it easier When you’re scoping out insurance providers, make sure you dig into their plans to find out: How much will I have to pay monthly? Odie’s easy and affordable monthly plans are 15-30% less expensive than other pet insurance companies offering the same or similar coverage. And don’t worry, we won’t increase your premiums just because you use it. Can I customize my plan for […]

How to Have a Safe New Year Celebration with Your Pets

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips While festive treats and gifts are probably making their way out of your home, the holiday season isn’t over just yet. We are counting down the days to the New Year—and new decade—but before you break out the noisemakers and champagne, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) wants to help you prepare for a fun and safe celebration with your pets with a few safety tips. Where’s the alcohol (and other […]

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us, and many pet parents plan to include their furry companions in the festivities. As you gear up for the holidays, it is important to try to keep your pet’s eating and exercise habits as close to their normal routine as possible. Also, please be sure to steer pets clear of the following unhealthy treats, toxic plants and dangerous decorations. Be Careful with Seasonal Plants and Decorations Oh, Christmas Tree: Securely […]

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain

A new film about cats, created by an illustrator who became obsessed with cats, was recently released in November 2021, providing all-too-rare cinematic fodder for cat enthusiasts.Now streaming on Prime Video, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain delves deep into the life of eccentric illustrator and cat enthusiast Louis Wain, exposing the man behind the art as well as the push to make cats more accessible to the general public. Louis Wain (5 August 1860 […]

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month – a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving forever homes! When you decide to bring a new pet into your home, don’t limit your choices to puppies or kittens. Consider opening your heart to a senior pet instead. According to many who have, the experience has been a life changer. Many people walk into a shelter or scour their website hoping to adopt a new puppy […]