It’s that time of year when some dogs and cats begin to shed more heavily. There are many advantages to cleaning and bathing your pet on a regular basis throughout the year.


Brushing helps keep your pet’s skin healthy and promotes shiny coats.  As you brush you can feel your pet’s body to see if there are any new growths, lumps or bumps. Weekly body checks can highlight something before it gets worse, so remember to run those fingers through their coats.  Bathing on a regular basis can also help keep fleas and ticks at bay as these are more attracted to dirty dogs and cats.

Getting into the habit of performing these healthy grooming rituals will also help remind you to put on their flea and tick natural treatments too!

Regular grooming is also a great bonding time with them.  It can be very calming and soothing for your pet so take some time, even for a little massage therapy, followed by lots of hugs and kisses – and they’ll love you even more for it!

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