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When you’re scoping out insurance providers, make sure you dig into their plans to find out:

How much will I have to pay monthly?

Odie’s easy and affordable monthly plans are
15-30% less expensive than other pet insurance companies offering the same or similar coverage. And don’t worry, we won’t increase your premiums just because you use it.

Can I customize my plan for my pet?

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Odie offers
fully personalized plans to fit everyone’s individual needs. Most other companies have no option to add more coverage for support where they need it, or to subtract the unnecessary aspects of their major medical plans.

What if my pet is older?

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Odie doesn’t have an upper age limit for enrollment. We
offer coverage for every fur-baby, regardless of pet age (over 7 weeks old). Most other companies have pets age out of enrollment after 7 to 10 years!

Are there caps to how much I’ll get for reimbursement?

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Odie
doesn’t limit the amount we pay for certain conditions if the annual limit has not yet been reached. Other companies will only cover a certain amount per condition, regardless of your annual limit.

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