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One question I’d personally like to see answered in its Trivia section? Why some cats like to lick anything plastic.


A cartoon by D. Durich has him visualizing animals in his dreams….what pets are in yours?

It’s hard to imagine why a caring soul would not want to have a pet, even an easy-care one such as a parrot who is loved by singer-songwriter Chrissy Lomax and hubby recording engineer and Armstrong Nursery employee Joe Primeau (rumor has it that Stewie, the parrot even attended a staff meeting).

Personally, I’m fascinated with birds, especially the tiny hummingbirds at our patio’s hummingbird feed, which has a tray with a sugar and water syrup.  Even with my eyes closed, the arrival, exploration and departure of these long-beaked birds are thrilling to hear.

My favorite pet was adopted from the Ojai Human Society. Much loved Bandit the cat has been a part of our lives for almost two decades. Imagine that…. Longer than most personal friendships, huh, especially with human’s proclivity to up and move to other cities and states.

We don’t know why he had a “Bandit” handle, but I wonder if it’s because this magnificent animal with white paws and tail has a white strip across his nose.

When an occasional bird or three lands on the patio balcony, if this curious cat happens to be near the open screen door and hears the chirps, he’ll stare intently.

Birds are everywhere — even in my artist husband’s artwork. He took a vinyl record and glued photos of birds around the grooves, then glued birdseed over the label. Humming Disc is its title, and G says it’s a “different kind of bird feeder.”  A Snapdragon (healing arts center) Summer Art Faire attendee and her son snapped up this artwork for his grandma who loves birds.

Our artist friend Annee Hahn made a birdfeeder from an old gourd, and this personalized, painted object d’art hangs on our balcony. Then there’s an acquaintance,  Bruce, who has two birds, one named “Brucie” and the other without a name. He loves and treats like his children — his feathered equivalent of “fur babies.”


A publication available online as well as printed and distributed in the region, Petz Gazette is a “life purpose” mission from an obviously extremely caring soul, Eleanor.

Petz was founded in 2010, with Eleanor being the “chief cook and bottle washer.”

The masthead proclaims “Your Local Pet Resource Publication.”

A chief challenge was “coming up with the content.”

It was my dear husband who called my attention to this fun publication, for us found in Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park. Says founder Eleanor, specifically at coffee houses, cafes, delis, restaurants, vet groomers, doctors’ offices, dental practices…. “where people are sitting and waiting.”

They can read “about dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs…. and anything that has a broken wing.”

Advertisers are always needed and valued, she told me when we chatted over the phone…. With my own work background rooted in Journalism and PR/Marketing, I know fully-well that zeal doesn’t pay the bills.

As I heard it, originally Eleanor was the key “chief cook and bottle washer,” apart from building a website.

Even today, she says a prime supporter has been one of our long-time faves, Brent’s Deli in Westlake Village.

The huge popularity of pets is evident with the publication distributed regionally from Moorpark to Malibu. G found the publication in Little Calf Creamery, and at Crown and Anchor in Thousand Oaks. It features not only ads but “Did You Knows” and pet jokes which are “pawfectly hilarious.”

Editor is Eleanor. One story gives “Humorous Reasons Not to Train Your Dog…. You like to see the paw prints and pet hair on your visitors’ clothes.” Don’t I know that! A favorite back top is always dusted with car hair, which is why that tends to be always worn under something else.

“We are the No. I Pet Resource publication in Ventura County,” says Ms. Editor.  Lining up advertisers takes heaps of work and “I try not to take it personally” when a potential advertiser says “no” – especially if they’re not too polite which is my own observation from talking to folks today many of whom seems to have lost their manners no matter the topic, even if it doesn’t involve money.

Petz Gazette also lists (for free) local pet-friendly establishments. Outdoor restaurants. Cafes. Delis. Coffee shops. These include Thousand Oaks Fish & Chips , Crown & Anchor, and Tifa Chocolate & Gelato in Agoura Hills.

FRONT PAGE. The front page of the Petz Gazette March 2022 edition shows off ads for, Mobile Housecall Veterinarian, fine artist Stephanie Grant at Plus there is an ad for baths at Barks N Bubbles in Moorpark.

A “Did you know…. !” notes that “Ireland is a snake-free island” and why.

BACK PAGE. On Petz Gazette’s back page is an ad for pet insurance and 5% off first year subscription to Odie, “pet insurance for everyone who cares about pet wellness.”

Annee’s menagerie includes Ringo and Layla, named after Eric Clapton’s song, and “Goldie Hahn” ( a play on Hawn).

Find more Petz info at or by calling 805-905-9471.

For more about Petz Gazette and another blog about pets, please visit No charge, no cost. Just your caring and interest.


.  Have you ever had a pet?

. What did this pet contribute to your life?

. What traits do your pet help cultivate 

Now, Dear Reader, the rest is up to You!

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