Protect your dogs paws in the summer

Dog walkers should avoid sidewalks, asphalt and fake grass on hot days

With the Summer Heat still in full swing we have to continue to remind you to please be careful walking your pets. We are still hearing about dogs getting their pads burned or overheating on both city walks and also on dirt trails. Mid-day is the worst time yet we are still seeing folks walk their dogs (and/or dog walkers) at this time out on various cement/asphalt paths or walkways. Even fake grass is a no-no in high heat. There are ways to protect your dog listed in the article below. Check the temperature outside, then check the pavement with the back of your hand to see if you can tolerate it for several seconds. This is a good gauge.

Check with your dog walkers to make sure they are not walking or running your dog in high heat. Its 91-99 degrees in most areas during the summer, so walking mid day in the heat is not good for most dogs. Especially dogs with any sort of medical condition. Be their advocate. Treat them like they deserve. If you can’t walk on the pavement/sidewalk/cement/asphalt barefoot neither can they.

Remember that different materials are worse than others. Walking on the sidewalk may be ok but crossing the hot asphalt street or bike path may be a whole different temperature and much hotter. There are many articles and news stories out there to read about this so please do the research if you don’t believe it. Many parks and some hiking trails even have signs posted to warn people and/or even close their facilities in this heat. It’s no joke to those that are losing pets or paying the medical bills for the treatment for their dogs.…/never-walk-dogs-hot-asphalt-tar…/


The above is sound advice recently posted to Facebook by Dog Days Search & Rescue. Please feel free to follow all that these guys do – they’re amazing:


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