Ethel’s cat Buddy, Duc’s cats Pumpkin and Taro, BWTs’ dog Peanut Butter and Sonje’s dogs are part of our family’s extended pet circle



Be it Stewie the Parrot, Charlotte the baby kitten, Ethel’s cat Buddy, Duc and Crystal’s cats Pumpkin and Taro, the Wegher-Thompsons’ dog
“Butters” are part of our extended family pet circle. Also included are Sonje’s dogs, a German Shepherd Queensland heeler mix named Marley, and two Chihuahuas, Archie and Pistachio.

Regardless of what a job addict you might be, coming home to even a pet mouse or rat, it’s hard to imagine why a caring soul would not want to have a pet.

Find humor everywhere in these pets, no matter how small — such as hummingbirds “feasting” at a feeder dispensing water and sugar. A life force to watch, and enjoy.  My niece Elissa and partner in Spokane, WA are dialed into pets, and it’s enjoyable to “speak Pet” with them.

My latest favorite line comes from Florencio, the low-key man who helps with maintenance at our apartment home.  After calling apartment management to request a “come see what this is, and remove it,” the efficient assistant manager Terry showed up with Florencio.  He looked at the white cone then reentered the apartment with a very long ladder, and leaned it into place on the small patio.

Dangling from the roof, this “cone” would logically be a hive of some sort. Yup, he said, a bees nest. Small, but still, bees is what I said.


Climbing up, Florencio inspected the “white thing,” pulled out a plastic bag, donned a glove, and grabbed the unauthorized visitor with his hand. With a turn, the White Cone came off and was dropped into a plastic bag which he tied off.

Then Florencio pulled out a small can of spray, which he squirted onto the spot where the white cone had been. He climbed down the ladder.

“What was that you sprayed,” a curious me inquired.

Said Florencio, “It was a ‘Go, and Be Gone’ spray.”

Ah, humor! In my opinion, this world really needs less-selfish people who care and take care of each other.  Plus, more humor, and lightening up

Yup, Florencio’s line is very subtle and it takes a good listener to get it. Still, please pass along…..even a mild smile is worthwhile.

Petz Gazette was founded in 2010 by Eleanor, who described herself to me when I called her as “chief cook and bottle washer.” Its masthead states, “Your Local Pet Resource Publication,” with regional issues. My husband first called my attention to this very fun publication, which for us covers Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Newbury Park.

Whether it’s “our” edition (Moorpark to Malibu) or Eleanor’s others, she says you can find Petz Gazette at coffee houses, cafes, delis, restaurants, vet grooms, doctors’ offices, dental practices….. “where people are sitting and waiting….”

Always needed, advertisers. Eleanor says she’s done it all, except for building the website.  The webmaster is David Ludwig.

A key supporter, she said, has been Brent’s Deli in Westlake Village (a longtime favorite of my husband and I). Petz Gazette is about “dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs… and anything that has a broken wing.”

Wow.  Worth rereading, Petz Gazette features include “Did You Know” and pet jokes.

“We are the No. 1 Pet Resource publication in Ventura County,” she also told him.

Find more Petz information at, or by phoning (805) 905-9471.


.  What was your first pet?

.  Do you think about that pet, and why?

. Have you considered making a donation, no matter how small, to a local pet shelter?

Now, Dear Reader, the rest is up to You!

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